Tips for Preparing to List Your Home For Sale

We know that as the weather starts to warm up in Charleston (although, it has been maintaining 76 degree days),  everyone begins to think about their Spring plans. Specifically, people begin to think about buying a new home and selling their existing home. Whether you’re thinking about selling in order to upsize or downsize, a move out of state, looking to be in a different area of Charleston, or finally buying your dream home, homeowners always have the same few questions. First, they want to know how much they can sell their home for (contact us today to get a free valuation of your home!), what their options would be for purchasing a new home in Charleston (you can start your search now) if they’re staying in the area, and what exactly they need to do in order to get their home ready to put on the market.

There are a few simple and easy things that homeowners can do in order to get their house “show ready”. Most of these are things that can be accomplished over a weekend, and will go a long way when a potential buyer walks in the front door.



We know, we know, you hear it all the time. But, it’s true. Decluttering your home can go a long way for a potential buyer. It’s time to clean out those closets and make sure they’re organized so that a buyer can see how much space there truly is! Anything that is taking up extra counter space, either find a place for it or toss it if you don’t need it. That means cleaning out the laundry room too! Make sure everything has a place. We have a tendency to keep anything and everything, and that’s okay if you have a dedicated space for it. Investing in some big plastic storage bins that can easily be stacked in extra storage spaces or under the bed would be a great idea for things you’re not wanting to toss just yet.



If you’ve been in your home for a little while and your baseboards and walls are starting to show signs of wear, a quick paint job can go a long way. The same is true for loud and brightly colored rooms that might not appeal to every buyer. We know, it’s easy for a buyer to repaint, but a lot of buyers just want to turn the key and move in. If you’re looking for paint suggestions we always recommend light and bright! Grey has been huge over the past couple of years and we don’t see it going away anytime soon, especially in coastal areas. The wall underneath the breakfast bar that has been kicked by so many feet? Yes, paint it! We promise, it might seem like a headache now, but a fresh coat of paint is like a breath of fresh air for many buyers.



Buyers like to be able to see how big bedrooms are and how much space they really have in the living room or dining room. If your rooms are furnished heavily, it might be a good idea to either move some of your furniture to a more logistical place in terms of spacing, or even move some stuff into storage that you aren’t using at the current moment. A bedroom that is full of big and heavy furniture won’t really give a buyer a true perspective into how they can furnish it and maximize space potential. That old china cabinet that you don’t really use but didn’t want to get rid of because it has been in the family for years? Go ahead and put it into storage for now. You’ll notice a huge difference after doing this, and we’re sure a buyer is going to take notice of all the space when they’re looking at your home.

Small Repairs


We know everyone has little things around the house that they put off, but before you list your home is the time to actually get those things done. It’s important that the small things are completed before buyers step into your home. Buyers are often going to be the most critical people to ever step into your house- if a light is out, the smoke detectors are beeping, a fan doesn’t work, a door handle is lose, or the sliding back door doesn’t quite latch properly they’re going to be the first to notice. These things might not seem like deal breakers in the grand scheme of things, but these items are things that can cause a buyer to chose a different home. If a door isn’t latching properly, light bulbs are burnt out or there’s a spot of drywall you’ve been meaning to have fixed, now is the time to get it done! This is the stuff that really does make a difference to the buyer.

Spruce Your Yard


You know what they say, first impressions are everything. It’s true when going on a job interview and it’s true when a buyer pulls up to your home for the first time. Sprucing up your front and back yards should be at the top of your To Do List when getting ready to list your home for sale. Make sure the grass is cut, the front porch has been repainted, the home has been power washed, the pine straw or mulch is fresh, and to take it a step further you can stage your front porch with rocking chairs, planters, flower boxes or even planting some bright and cheerful flowers that scream “welcome”! Add a big wreath to your front door (or if your HOA allows, paint the door a front color) and we are sure that the buyer will be anxious to see the inside.

We would love to come out and visit your home to give you a free Comparative Market Analysis and help guide you and make recommendations to get your home ready for sale this Spring! Contact us today to make an appointment.


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